1A Auto Parts (The Ultimate Guide)

1A Auto is an online retailer that sells aftermarket parts for cars from a wide variety of brands. With a revenue of $249 million a year, it is one of the top car part brands in the US. 

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions that people have about using 1A Auto.

1. Is 1A Auto Legit?

1A Auto is 100% legit. The company has a TrustPilot Score of 4/5, and 86% of users rated its service “excellent”. Buyers appreciate the high level of customer service and quick delivery times. 

2. Where Is 1A Auto Located? 

When you buy from 1A Auto, the entire transaction happens online. The company doesn’t have any branches where you can browse and purchase items in person. However, they operate from Westford, Massachusetts, which is where headquarters is located. 

3. Who Owns 1A Auto? 

The business was founded by Rick Green and is still family-owned today. On the website, Green states that he started 1A Auto in 1999 to empower vehicle owners to do their own repairs. 

At first, they operated out of a garage, but they then transitioned to an online business model in order to serve more customers. Now, they have around 500 employees who work in the headquarters and at the distribution centers. 

4. Is 1A Auto Safe To Order From?

It’s safe to order from 1A Auto becuase they have a decent reputation and have been operating for over 22 years. Most buyers report that the level of customer service is high, and it is straightforward to get a refund if the parts you ordered don’t fit your car. 

1A Auto also offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee. So, If you’re not happy with the product within the first two months, you can simply return the item and receive a full refund.

5. Why Is 1A Auto So Cheap? 

Unlike many dealerships, 1A Auto doesn’t sell OEM (Original Engine Manufacturer) parts. They only sell aftermarket parts. These are generally cheaper because dealerships put a premium on the price of their OEM items. 

A second reason why 1A Auto parts are so cheap is that the company doesn’t have high operating costs. Since they operate online-only, they don’t have to rent or buy expensive stores and hire many employees. Therefore, they can make a profit even though they charge less for their products than the competition. 

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6. Are 1A Auto Parts Good? 

Most buyers agree that 1A Auto parts are just as good as OEM parts. On SiteJabber, the company has a rating of 3.6 stars, which indicates that customers are usually happy with their purchases. Occasionally, they experience issues with the quality or fit of the products. However, the return rate is under 1% according to 1A Auto’s website. 

One of the reasons why 1A Auto parts are good is that the founder used to work at a Cadillac dealership. So, he has plenty of experience with car repairs. Unlike some other shops, 1A Auto doesn’t sell cheap and low-quality aftermarket parts. 

7. Who Makes 1A Auto Parts? 

While 1A Auto sometimes sells OEM parts, most of its products are manufactured by the company itself. They are therefore considered aftermarket parts. 

1A Auto also collaborates with the aftermarket brand TRQ, which offers parts for a wide variety of car brands. This company’s headquarters is in Pepperell, Massachusetts. 

Once the 1A Auto parts have been manufactured, trained engineers make sure that they meet certain quality standards. 

8. Where Does 1A Auto Ship From?

1A Auto has a warehouse on each coast, so they ship from several locations. When you place your order, the company calculates the quickest shipping method and route. Then, they dispatch your product from the location that is closest to you. They use FedEx, UPS, the US Postal Service, LOS, and OnTrac.

9. Does 1A Auto Ship to Canada? 

Normally, 1A Auto does not ship to Canada. If you live outside of the continental United States and you would like to purchase parts from 1A Auto, the easiest way to do so is to have your products delivered to an American friend or family member. They can then forward them to you. 

If you don’t know anyone in the US who could help you out, you can use a freight forwarder company like MyUS. They provide you with an address, so you can shop with US stores. Once you’ve placed your order and it has arrived, MyUS will send it to you within a few business days. 

10. How Long Does 1A Auto Take to Ship? 

If your 1A Auto part is in stock there is a 99% chance that the item will be shipped the same day and arrive at your home within 3-5 business days. While waiting, you can track your order online. 

There is also an expedited shipping option. Next Day Air shipping allows you to receive your part a day after you ordered it. While delivery is generally free for all continental US locations, you will have to pay for expedited shipping.

11. Does 1A Auto Have a Military Discount? 

While 1A does not offer an official military discount, you can often find coupon codes on sites such as Hot Deals or Coupert. Some are specific to members of the military, but others can be used by everyone.1A Auto offers discounts on selected items every day, so if you’re looking for something specific, you should check back frequently. 

12. Are 1A Auto Brakes Good? 

Most people who buy brakes from 1A Auto are pleased with them. The brakes work as well as new ones, and the car stops in both dry and wet weather conditions. 

If you’re looking for aftermarket parts, ordering brakes from 1A Auto could be a good idea because of the helpful product descriptions. The company researches each item they sell, so you can see which cars it would fit. Often, there are also instructional videos that help you to replace your brake pads without a mechanic. 

13. Are 1A Auto Auto Struts Good? 

The reviews for 1A Auto auto struts are mixed. Some drivers had a great experience and found the instructional Youtube videos helpful. Unfortunately, some others didn’t receive the correct parts, or the struts began to malfunction after a short time. 

The quality of 1A Auto struts depends on the vehicle brand. Because 1A Auto’s customer service is very good, you’re likely to receive a refund or replacement if your product is defective. 

14. Are 1A Auto Suspension Parts Good? 

Most motorists agree that 1A Auto suspension parts are good given their low price. At a service center, you might pay $1,000 to $5,000 to have your suspension repaired. However, the parts from 1A Auto only cost around $100-200. With the help of online videos, drivers can repair their own cars and save a lot of money. 

15. Is 1A Auto Worth It?

Most people who buy parts from 1A Auto never have any issues, their prices are pretty reasonable, and the parts are easy enough to fit. I’d therefore say they are worth it. However, it’s important to remember that 1A Auto doesn’t make their parts, they are simply a reseller, so I’d always advise that you shop around before buying to get the best price.

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