AAA Breakdown (Expert Guide)

AAA has been providing emergency roadside assistance for over 100 years now.

They are the go-to insurance company for helping people stranded by a faulty vehicle.

In this article, we’re going to answer a few common questions that people often ask about AAA.

AAA Breakdown (8 Questions Answered)

Will AAA Come To My House?

Yes. AAA will come to your house or driveway if you call them and you have an active membership.

If your car is not safe to drive, AAA will come to wherever you are (home, office, roadside, shopping malls, football stadium) As long as it is accessible.

Even if you only have a flat tire, you should give AAA a call if your car has a flat tire in the morning, as your membership includes AAA’s free tire repair service.

How Much Does AAA Charge For Towing After 5 Miles?

If you are on the basic/classic plan, then the first 5 miles towed are covered for free (up to 4 times each year ) If you have a plan in the North of the country, only the first 3 miles are covered on this plan.

After 5 miles, AAA charges you between $3 – $5 for every towed mile (depending on where you live)

If you drive frequently, then I would always recommend getting the plus option as a minimum.

If you are a plus member, you can be towed 100 miles for free (up to 4 times each year )

If you are a premier member, you get one tow of up to 200 miles, and three tows of up to 100 miles.

Will AAA Tow An Unregistered Vehicle?

AAA Will not tow your vehicle if it is unregistered or has missing tags. This is clearly stated in their towing policy.

They enforce this to help stop criminal activity and policy abuse by car resellers.

AAA will only tow a vehicle that is street legal in the jurisdiction where the assistance is requested.

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Can You Use Your Mom’s AAA Card?

Yes and No.

You are able to use your mom’s AAA card for any vehicle you are driving as long as your mom is with you at the site of the breakdown and is able to show the tow truck driver some proof of ID.

If you are traveling by yourself and your mom is not with you when the tow truck arrives, then you cannot use her AAA card to get roadside assistance.

Can You Use AAA To Tow A Car You Just Bought?

If you have bought a car that you know doesn’t start, or doesn’t have a valid registration number, then this goes against AAA’s towing policy and they could technically refuse to tow it.

AAA says that they are an emergency breakdown service (not a free tow truck service) They have a good-faith policy and hope that customers respect this.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t happen on occasion.

I found lots of examples of ex-tow truck drivers in forums who say they would tow almost anything, to anywhere.

Just keep in mind that If you try this, then it would be a gamble that may not work.

If you have just bought a car and it has broken down while you are driving it home, then AAA will certainly tow it for you.

Just keep in mind that the AAA policy states that the car should be road legal in the jurisdiction you are driving, with a valid registration number.

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Do You Have To Be With Your Car for AAA To Tow It?

Yes. AAA will not tow your vehicle without you ( the active member ) being physically present.

You must also provide your AAA card and a valid photo ID before they will tow it.

Who Makes The Car Batteries For AAA?

AAA batteries used to be made exclusively at East Penn Manufacturing in Pennsylvania, which were renowned for making the best car batteries.

However, AAA batteries are now made at one of several different factories across the USA.

These handful of factories produce car batteries for all the big brands, so the quality you are getting from AAA should be the same as any name-brand car battery made in the USA.

Are AAA Car Batteries Good?

AAA car batteries are just as good as name-brand batteries, and many times almost identical as they are produced in the same factories that make car batteries for all the big brands.

All AAA car batteries also come with a 6-year warranty, with a free replacement if the battery fails in the first 3 years.

The average car battery warranty is only two years, so this is a great deal.

Therefore, if your battery fails roadside (or any other place for that matter) It’s a good idea to opt for a AAA battery replacement.



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