AutoNation (Ultimate Guide)

AutoNation is Americas largest automotive retailer, with over 250 dealerships and operating in 15 states nationwide.

In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions that people have about AutoNation. 

How Does AutoNation Work?

AutoNation is a large company that buys, sells, and repairs cars. Many of its services are online, so the process is simple and quick. The brand operates in seventeen states and allows customers to separate the buying and selling process. 

For example, if you have a car to sell but you don’t want to buy a new one, you can contact AutoNation instead of trading your car in at your dealership. AutoNation also sells new and used cars and repairs vehicles. They currently have over 300 branches all over the country. 

Is AutoNation Legit?

AutoNation is a legit company that makes over 25 billion dollars a year. In fact, it is big enough to be publicly traded on the stock market. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the best place to go when you need to buy or sell a car. Many people are disappointed by AutoNation’s customer service, so it’s likely that there are better options in your area. 

Why Is AutoNation So Cheap?

Unlike smaller dealerships, AutoNation can scale its operations, which means that they buy items like spare parts in large quantities at a cheaper price. That’s how they can offer some services at a cheaper rate. 

When you sell your car to AutoNation, you can expect to pay a dealer and delivery fee of around $500-$599. This covers getting the car to the dealership and preparing it for the sale. In contrast, many people who use traditional dealerships pay $1,500-8,000. 

However, you should keep in mind that other options, like Wheezly and Peddle, don’t charge a dealer fee at all. Therefore, AutoNation isn’t necessarily the cheapest option. 

Is AutoNation Really No Hassle?

Unless there is a problem with your car, AutoNation is easy to deal with. To sell your vehicle, you can simply fill out a form online, and you will get an offer within thirty minutes. Because the offer is good for seven days or an additional 500 miles of driving, you have some time to shop around for other quotes. 

Buying a car with AutoNation works like at any other dealership. If you’re looking for something specific, this company could be a good fit because they have hundreds of cars available at any one time. They also offer online financing applications, and they can put a car on hold for you for 72 hours. 

Once you’ve bought a car with AutoNation, you can use their service centers for maintenance and repairs. The reviews of these centers are mixed. While some people have a great experience, others complain that repairs are incomplete. 

Are AutoNation Warranties Worth it?

AutoNation offers a wide range of warranties, so you can choose exactly the one that works for you. Most experts consider the plans from this brand to be worth it, especially because they have no deductible.

What’s more, you have nationwide protection, and you can get your car serviced in various locations. However, you don’t need one of the higher-tier plans if you have the money to pay for small repairs yourself. 

Here are the current AutoNation options: 

  • Engine: This only covers specific parts of your car’s engine. Typically, you can expect to be covered for five years or 75,000 miles. 
  • Powertrain: This warranty is a step up, and it includes issues related to the engine, transmission, and drive axle system. Not all AutoNation dealerships offer the same powertrain warranties, so you’ll need to check the details with your dealer.
  • Silver: When you opt for the silver plan, your brakes, AC, heating, steering system, and electrical systems are included. 
  • Gold: In addition to all the parts covered in the silver plan, this warranty also protects the more modern parts of your car, such as your window controls and anti-lock brakes. 
  • Platinum: This is the most comprehensive option, and all parts of your vehicle are included. You can expect it to last from three to five years. 

Does AutoNation Deliver Nationwide?

AutoNation doesn’t deliver to every location in the US, but plenty of areas are covered. At the time of writing, the company has branches in 18 different states, including New York, Arizona, California, Ohio, Tennessee, and Washington. 

If you live within a few hundred miles of an affiliated dealership, you can get an AutoNation car delivered. Use the website to check whether there is a branch near you. 

Does AutoNation Ship Cars for Free?

Many of the AutoNation dealerships offer free car delivery, and some of them even pick up your old vehicle if you’re doing a trade-in. 

For example, AutoNation USA in Arizona delivers used cars to drivers living within 250 miles of Phoenix. In fact, you never even have to visit the dealership, since you can complete your entire application online. 

Are AutoNation and CarMax the Same?

AutoNation and CarMax are very similar, but they are distinct businesses run by different people. Just like AutoNation, CarMax has hundreds of stores all around the US, and they offer similar services that include buying, selling, and maintaining cars. 

Is AutoNation Better than CarMax?

According to customer and professional reviews, CarMax is better than AutoNation. While AutoNation only received a 3.4 rating from DollarBreak, CarMax received a 4.3. This is because the car selling process is very simple, customers receive their money within 30 minutes, and customer service is superior. 

Does AutoNation Buy Leased Cars?

AutoNation can buy almost every leased car because virtually every manufacturer operates under their umbrella. Therefore, the company can purchase your vehicle even if your contract stipulates that third-party buyout is not allowed. This is one of the major advantages of AutoNation. 

Does AutoNation Buy Motorcycles?

Dealerships operating under AutoNation generally don’t buy motorcycles. However, there is a similar site called RumbleOn, which works like AutoNation and CarMax. At the time of writing, there were over 60,000 vehicles listed on RumbleOn. While it’s not as big as the car-buying sites, it is a good alternative for motorbikes. 

Does AutoNation Buy RVs?

Many AutoNation car dealers buy RVs. If you’d like to sell your mobile home, you should contact your local branch or visit the AutoNation website to find out whether they can offer you a good price. 

Does AutoNation Buy Old Cars?

AutoNation hasn’t put an age limit on the cars they buy, so it’s likely that you can sell your car to them no matter how old it is. But if your vehicle is vintage, you should consider going to a dealership that specializes in old-timers. In most cases, they can offer you more money. 

Does AutoNation Buy Non-Running Cars?

Even if your car doesn’t currently run, you can sell it to AutoNation. Since they have repair centers, they can fix the problem and then sell the car on. However, it’s unlikely that you will get a good price for a vehicle that isn’t functional. Since there is a risk that AutoNation will have to scrap your car, it’s likely that you’ll get offered a low value for it. 

Are All AutoNation Dealerships the Same?

Every AutoNation dealership is different. While they all offer similar services, the prices for their repairs and the types of warranties they offer vary. 

Some AutoNation dealerships are immediately recognizable as such. They have names such as AutoNation Ford Mobile and AutoNation Honda Chandler. But the high-end dealers have omitted the brand name, so they go by the manufacturer’s name only. For example, you might encounter names like BMW of Tucson or Lexus of Cerritos. 

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Does AutoNation Have Markup?

At AutoNation, there is a network-wide ban on markups. However, just because your car isn’t overpriced doesn’t mean that you’ll get the best price possible. At some dealerships, the accessories are marked up, so you could still end up paying more than expected for your vehicle. 

Why Is AutoNation Pink?

In October, you might see AutoNation-related websites turning pink. This is because the company observes National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and raises funds for people struggling with this disease. To further increase customers’ awareness, AutoNation sells some of its cars with pink plates. 

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