10 Popular Cars with Red Leather Interior

Cars with red leather interiors are an acquired taste. You either like it or you don’t.

For some people, it’s bold, stylish, and sophisticated.

But for others, it’s a bit too showy. 

In this article, we look at 7 popular cars with red leather interiors.

1. Toyota Camry

Sitting at the top of the best-selling cars in the US for 19 straight years, the Toyota Camry is one of the most popular passenger cars ever made. 

With a $25,295 starting price, it’s okay to keep your expectations low. But the Camry is surprisingly stacked. It’s got a roomy cabin, composed handling, a powerful V6 engine, and red leather seats! 

If you want red leather seats, you’d have to go for the XSE V6 trim. It’s a beautiful cockpit red interior with leather-trimmed seats that gives the interior a sporty look. The XSE V6 trim should cost you about $5000 more, but it offers more features including paddle shifters. 

2. BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a luxury sports sedan that offers comfort, heavy tech features, and impressive gas-powered engine options. 

The BMW 3 Series also offers 26mpg city/36mpg highway fuel economy, and modern interior design and was recently named the best medium luxury car. 

The BMW 3 Series comes in lots of beautiful interior colors. Amongst them is the extended Fiona Red leather interior. It’s a quality merino leather that gives off the luxury vibe we’ve come to expect from BMW. But if the Fiona red is too bright for you, the darker tacora red vernasca is another option you may want to choose. 

3. Lexus NX

Spacious, stylish, and packed with many driver-assistance features, the NX is a quality luxury SUV from Lexus. The name NX stands for “Nimble Crossover” and the compact luxury SUV was named Britain’s Best Hybrid Car in 2020. 

If you need red leather seats on your Lexus NX, you’d have to go for the NX F Sports trim. It offers a Circuit Red NuLuxe interior that gives the NX a truly sporty look. The Nuluxe leather is synthetic leather that looks and feels like real leather but doesn’t require as much care. Basically, it’s leather that is lightweight, eco-friendly, and easy to clean. 

4. Jaguar XE

Renowned for its powerful turbocharged engines and dynamic handling, the XE is Jaguar’s answer to the BMW 3 series. This 5-seater sedan provides ample cabin space and a sleek interior that offers comfort and luxury. 

All trim levels offer 8 different interior colors including an aesthetically pleasing Mars Red with flame-red stitching. However, only the top-tier XE R-Dynamic trim level offers Mars red Windsor leather performance seats. 

5. Porsche 718 Boxster

The Porsche 718 Boxster is a classy luxury sports car that’s a lot of fun to drive. Released about 7 years ago, the 728 Boxster is renowned for its responsiveness, balance, and powerful engines. 

The 718 Boxster also offers a Bordeaux red leather interior if you thought it wasn’t sporty enough. Unlike most cars on this list, the red interior is pretty heavy on the 718 Boxster. Apart from the car seats, the Bordeaux red is also featured on the dashboard, steering wheels, doors, and console.

6. Kia K5

The Kia K5 is a sleek 5-seater family sedan that was formerly called the Kia Optima. Despite the family sedan tag, it’s a classy vehicle with decent fuel economy, a modern interior design, and powerful turbocharged engines. 

The K5 comes in 5 trims; LX, LXS, GT-line, EX, and GT. However, only the GT-line offers a red leather interior. The interior comes as an optional red SynTex leather seating paired with black door panels, console, and steering wheels. For a car of its quality, the Kia K5 is pretty affordable. The GT-line starts from $25,490. 

7. Acura ILX

The Acura ILX is Acura’s first gasoline-electric hybrid car. It’s a subcompact sedan with a classy exterior design, roomy seats, and a stylish interior. The ILX is a luxury brand that’s just as impressive albeit cheaper than other small premium cars like Mercedes Benz A-class and Audi A3. 

The ILX offers a host of beautiful interior options. One of them is a sporty red leather interior with Ultrasuede trimmed seats. The standard trim offers synthetic leather upholstery but you can get real Milano leather when you upgrade to the premium trim. However, the A-spec Sports trim is the top-tier trim level. It offers a combination of perforated Milano leather and Ultrasuede trimmed seats.

8. Acura TLX

Just like the ILX, Acura TLX is a classy luxury sedan that offers all the features you’d expect from a small premium car but for less money. If you wanted an Acura but with more cargo space, better performance, and more tech features, the Acura TLX is the better choice. 

If you want a red leather interior, you’d have to invest in the TLX’s A-Spec trim level. It offers NSX-inspired red Ultrasuede trimmed seats. The red leather seats are paired with a black console, steering wheels, and door panels. 

9. Mercedes-Benz S Class

The Mercedes Benz S Class is what you get when you want a luxury sedan that’s reliable, comfy, and fun to drive. With its starting price of $112,150, you’d expect the best features and that’s exactly what the S Class offers. It comes with ample seating space, high-tech features, and a turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six-cylinder engine that powers you from 0 to 60  in 4.4 seconds. 

If you’re not a fan of bright red leather interiors, you’re going to fall in love with this vehicle’s Carmine red and black exclusive Nappa leather interior combo. This interior option is available on all trim levels. 

10. Bentley Flying Spur

If you’ve got a big budget, the Bentley Flying Spur luxury sedan is another car that comes with a red leather interior. Known for its eye-catching exterior styling and monster specs, this vehicle comes with two powerful 8-cylinder and 12-cylinder engines that give it enough juice to reach a top speed of 198mph. 

This luxury vehicle offers a dark red cricket ball interior with leather-trimmed seats. If you want a bolder, brighter red interior, there’s also an optional Hotspur red leather-trimmed seats. 

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