How To Afford A New Truck (Explained)


If you’ve been considering getting a new truck, you’ve likely done a good bit of research up to this point. And as such, you’re probably well aware that trucks are more expensive than your traditional car. You therefore might be wondering how you can afford to buy a new truck. So, how can you afford … Read more

Discount Tire Vs Costco (Which Is Better?)

discount tire vs costco (which is better?)

Discount tire and Costco are two places that can save you a considerable amount of money when it comes time to buy new tires. But which is better to use? Discount Tire vs Costco: Discount Tire carries more brands and more models of tires. They also have a low price guarantee that ensures they will … Read more

How Long Do Nissan Titans Last? (Explained)

The Nissan Titan is known for providing a dependable, everyday ride. However, before buying one, it’s important to know how many miles you can expect to get from your truck. How long do Nissan Titans last? A well-maintained Nissan Titan should last 300,000 miles (or 22 years based on driving 13,500 miles per year) However, … Read more

Are Honda Civics Fast? (Answered)

Are Honda Civics Fast? (Answered)

The Honda Civic remains a popular car among racing enthusiasts. So, does that mean are Honda Civics fast? Yes, Honda Civics are fast cars due to their excellent power-to-weight ratio, impressive drivetrain gearing, and shift points. What’s more, the Honda Civic can be made to go even faster than its stock form by spending very … Read more

Toyota Tundra Mileage (9 Questions Answered)

toyota tundra mileage (9 Questions Answered)

As a truck, Tundras don’t get the same type of gas mileage that typical cars get — especially the fuel-efficient Toyota models. In this article, we’ll answer some of the most common questions asked about the Toyota Tundra’s mileage.  Let’s get started. How Much Gas Mileage Does A Toyota Tundra Get? The Toyota Tundra achieves … Read more

Truck or Sports Car? (Which Is Better)

Truck or Sports Car? (Which Is Better?)

You’re considering buying a vehicle, but you’re torn between a truck and a sports car. While each option has its advantages and disadvantages, is one better than the other? Which is better: a truck or sports car? Although they are typically more expensive than the average sports car, trucks provide better versatility, are safer, and … Read more

How Long Do Dodge Challengers Last? (Explained)

How Long Do Dodge Challengers Last?

The Dodge Challenger was designed for racing and turning heads, not for it’s longevity How long do Dodge Challengers last? A well-maintained Dodge Challenger should last 200,000 miles (or 15 years) based on driving 13,500 miles per year. The Challenger can last even longer with proper maintenance and occasional repairs to the body and transmission. … Read more

Why Are Mustangs So Cheap? (Explained)

Why Are Mustangs So Cheap? (Explained)

The Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic cars in the world, a cornerstone of Ford since it was first released in 1965. Even though the Mustang is so popular, used models are often found at a low price. You might’ve even come across a deal that seems almost too good to be true. … Read more

Why Are Nissan Leafs So Cheap? (Explained)

Why Are Nissan Leafs So Cheap?

The Nissan Leaf is a pure electric car that uses only electricity to power it. Although an average of 13,000 used Leafs is sold every year, they continue to drop in price. In fact, you may have found a used Leaf for a really low price and are thinking about buying it. But why are … Read more

How Long Do Volkswagen Beetle Last? (Explained)

How Long Do Volkswagen Beetle Last?

The Volkswagen Beetle is an iconic sub-compact car that was first designed way back in the 1930s. VW gave the diminutive car a refresh in 1998 but it was sadly discontinued in 2019. If you’re thinking of purchasing a used VW beetle, it’s important to know how many miles you can expect from it. How … Read more

How Long Does A Mazda 3 Last? (Explained)

How Long Does A Mazda3 Last?

The Mazda3 is a compact car that’s popular due to its good looks and smooth driving experience However, before you go and purchase one, it’s important to know what kind of life expectancy you can get from a Mazda3. How Long Does A Mazda 3 Last? Like most modern cars, the Mazda 3 should last … Read more

How Long Does A Ford Taurus Last? (Explained)

How Long Does A Ford Taurus Last

The Ford Taurus has been around since 1986 and is one of the most popular vehicles offered by the Ford Motor Company. With more than 3 million Taurus models sold, surely it is a reliable car, right? So, exactly how long does a Ford Taurus last? With regular oil changes and routine maintenance, a Ford … Read more

How Long Do Kia Souls Last? (Explained)

How Long Do Kia Souls Last?

Redesigned in 2020, the newest Kia Soul combines a hip design, a roomy interior, and fun driving to be an exciting option in the small SUV sector. The Soul has scored average reliability results, but owners seem to love them. So, how long do Kia Souls Last? The Kia Soul can last up to 200,000 … Read more

How Long Do Chevy Camaros Last? (Explained)

How Long Do Chevy Camaros Last?

The Chevy Camaro exudes the style and performance that makes it one of America’s classic sports cars.  Does it have the longevity to keep on rocking? How long do Chevy Camaros last? A well-maintained Chevy Camaro should last 150,000 miles ( or 15 years ) based on driving 13,500 miles per year. The Camaro can … Read more

How Long Do Hyundai Accents Last? (Explained)

How Long Do Hyundai Accents Last?

U.S. News & World Report named the Hyundai Accent 2021’s Best Subcompact Car for the Money. The Accent is best known for its low price, but what about its longevity? How long do Hyundai Accents last? A Hyundai Accent will last 200,000 miles with regular maintenance. Based on driving an average of 13,500 miles per … Read more

How Long Does A Nissan Sentra Last? (Explained)

How Long Does a Nissan Sentra Last

The Nissan Sentra has always been an unpretentious, reliable, good looking sedan. With proper care and maintenance, the Nissan Sentra should last between 150,000 and 200,000 miles. If you drive an average of 13,500 miles per year, the Sentra should last you between 11 and 15 years.  Continue reading to find out how the Sentra’s … Read more

How Old Should New Tires Be? (Explained)

how old should new tires be

Just because the tire isn’t on a vehicle doesn’t mean that it’s not old. It’s not uncommon to see tires that are over a year old when you buy them. But how old is too old, and when should you be concerned? How Old Should New Tires Be When You Buy Them? A tire shouldn’t … Read more

How Long Do Chevy Suburban’s Last? (Explained)

how long do chevy suburban last

The Suburban, Chevy’s largest SUV, is known best for its comfort and power, but what about its longevity? How long do Chevy Suburbans last? A well-maintained Chevy Suburban should easily reach 200,000 miles of service and can often reach 300,000 miles. Based on driving an average of 13,500 miles per year, you can expect a … Read more

Jeep Undercoating Cost (Everything You Need To Know)

jeep undercoating cost

Most people purchase a Jeep with the intention of taking them off-road. However, off-road terrain poses several obvious threats to the underside of your Jeep. This leads many owners to consider undercoating. Jeep Undercoating Cost? Dealer-applied undercoating can cost between $200 and $1,200 depending on the treatment package and if you choose extra options, such … Read more

How Many MPG Do Hummers Get? (Revealed + Explained)

how many mpg hummers

When most people think of a Hummer, they think of a gas-guzzling, heavy SUV with a horrible fuel economy. But how many MPG do Hummers actually get? The Hummer H1, which was the first model achieves 10 to 16 mpg. However, the latest versions of the Hummer (H2 & H3) can drive up to 20 … Read more

Why Are Toyota Car Seats So Uncomfortable? (Reasons + How To Fix)

why are toyota car seats so uncomfortable

Despite the popularity of Toyota, many customers find that their seats are uncomfortable. So, why are Toyota car seats so uncomfortable? Toyota car seats are uncomfortable because they are primarily designed to guarantee safety rather than passenger comfort. Keeping manufacturing costs low is also a key reason why Toyota car seats are not as luxurious … Read more

Do New Cars Have CD Players In 2020? (31 Examples)

Do New Cars Have CD Players?

CD players were the standard in-car entertainment system for a long time.  But recently, music streaming services like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are now taking over. This has left many people wondering if they can still play their favorite CD’s in their new car. Do new cars have CD players? Although it’s becoming less … Read more

Toyota Made In Japan VS USA (Are There Differences?)

toyota japan usa

Own a Toyota or considering buying one? You may have stumbled across a fierce online debate about whether made Toyotas are inferior quality to Japanese made Toyotas. Are Toyotas made in Japan better? It’s widely accepted that Toyotas made in Japan are better quality than those made in the US. The main reasons for this … Read more

How Long Do Smart Cars Last? (7 Important Facts)

How Long Do Smart cars Last?

The Smart car has been around since the mid-1980s, making it a relatively newer car. With so little history to rely on, many new car owners are wondering: How long do Smart cars last? With proper maintenance, a smart can last 150,000 miles to 2,0000 miles. If you drive an average of 15,000 miles per … Read more

Jeep Frame Restoration Cost: 5 Real Examples (Explained)

jeep frame restoration cost

A jeep frame restoration can bring your classic jeep back to life within a few days. But how much does a jeep frame restoration cost? Jeep frame restoration costs anywhere from $5,000 to $35,000. However, the cost depends on whether you are doing it yourself or enlisting a pro. You may also have to factor … Read more

Average First Car Price (Explained)

average first car price

If you’re thinking about buying your first car, you may be wondering what other people usually spend on their first car. After all, you want something that is super reliable and will get you safely from A to B. So, what is the average first car price? On average, a dependable first car will cost … Read more