Discount Tire (Ultimate Guide)

Discount Tire, or America’s Tire depending on where you live, is the largest independent seller of wheels and tires in the world, and with over 1,100 stores across the U.S. in addition to their online store, it’s easy to see why.

The company has grown over the last 60 years, building a reputation for not just providing a wide selection of tires and wheels at great prices, but servicing them, too. For example, any set of tires bought from Discount Tire comes with a lifetime free balancing and rotation service – more on this later.

But there has to be a catch, right? Or is Discount Tire really as good as it sounds?

Keep reading as we explore the company in more detail, covering the 15 things you need to know about Discount Tire.

Why Is Discount Tire So Cheap?

Discount Tire’s size means that they can buy in bulk, which allows them to price their tires so competitively, both for name-brand tires and lesser-known brands. And, just like how restaurants have their own house wine that’s cheaper than the other bottles on the menu, Discount Tire offers its own low-cost “house” brand of the tire too.

Frequent promotions, such as money off when using a Discount Tire credit card, also contribute to the low prices.

Is Discount Tire Cheaper Than Walmart?

Discount Tire is not cheaper than Walmart, with an average tire price of $161 compared to Walmart’s $103.

The same applies when it comes to tire installation services – in a comparison of seven popular tire chains across the country, Walmart came in as the cheapest at $15 per tire versus $21 for the same service at Discount Tire.

However, for Walmart to install non-Walmart tires, the price per tire jumps to $25, and since Walmart’s range of tires is more limited than Discount Tire’s, it might not always be the cheapest option.

Is Discount Tire Cheaper Than Firestone?

There isn’t much separating Discount Tire and Firestone Complete Auto Care, and which company is cheaper depends on the service you require.

Firestone’s estimated price per tire comes in at two dollars less than Discount Tires.

But Discount Tire pulls it back when it comes to installing them, with installation costs per tire five dollars less than the same service at Firestone.

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Is Discount Tire Cheaper Than Les Schwab?

A recent survey by Consumer Reports found Discount Tire’s tires to be $20 cheaper than those from Les Schwab.

Is Discount Tire Cheaper Than a Dealership?

Discount Tire is estimated to be about $33 cheaper per tire than car dealerships.

It’s worth mentioning that the comparisons above use averages to compare the different companies, but the folks at Discount Tire say they are committed to offering the best prices for their tires and wheels and will beat the price if you find it lower elsewhere.

Does Discount Tire Have Good Tires?

Discount Tire stocks name-brand tires as well as their own exclusive brands – tires made especially for the company by top tire manufacturers – so you can be sure that every tire they sell is well-made and fit for purpose.

One such “house” brand is Road Hugger, with its tires offering good performance in all-season conditions at an affordable price, along with a 50,000-mile warranty included as standard.

Another of Discount Tire’s private brands, Arizonian, commands similar reviews, with reliable handling and traction ratings, although it should be noted that these Discount Tire-exclusive tires are not suitable for use in heavy snow.

Is Discount Tire Worth It?

Discount Tire has a wider range of tires to choose from than, say, a non-tire-dedicated company like Walmart, which means that you are more likely to be able to get the tire you want immediately rather than having to wait for the shop to order them for you.

What’s more, since Discount Tire only specializes in tires and wheels, you can be sure that its staff really know their stuff. Lots of happy customers have reviewed their experience positively, citing the friendly, helpful employees on hand to assist them.

Tires purchased from Discount Tire also come with free rotation and balancing for the entirety of the product’s life, which is a handy perk that could save you money in the long run.

Are Discount Tire Certificates Worth It?

According to an honest employee on Reddit, Discount Tire Certificates are worth it for expensive tires, or if you’re going to be putting the tires through their paces with hard-driving and lots of miles.

However, accidents do happen, and freak incidents can occur even when driving on regular surfaces in normal conditions. You won’t know the true value of the certificate until you need it, but if you did end up in a sticky situation, it would be worth every penny.

Is Discount Tire’s Warranty Worth It?

In place of the traditional manufacturer’s warranty, Discount Tire has “Certificates”, which cover any tire up to three years old against unexpected damage in much the same way as a warranty.

If you want peace of mind knowing that if anything happened to your tires they would be repaired or replaced no questions asked, then Discount Tire’s warranty is worth it.

The general consensus on online forums is that it is a very cost-effective service that has saved drivers money.

The question comes down to whether you want to pay to cover the tires upfront knowing that you may never need to redeem the certificate, versus the likelihood that you will have to pay more in the event of tire damage that requires attention.

Does Discount Tire Sell Used Tires?

Some Discount Tire stores do sell used tires, but it isn’t a fixed policy, so it is a matter of luck whether or not your local store will do so.

They are usually Original Equipment parts that have only been lightly used, but Discount Tire doesn’t recommend buying used tires unless it’s absolutely necessary. This is for a number of reasons, mainly concerning safety and the fact that used tires aren’t covered under warranty if anything goes wrong.

That’s not to say that the used tires it sells are dangerous and unfit for use – the company simply highlights the drawbacks to buying used tires as opposed to new ones.

Does Discount Tire Buy Used Tires?

Discount Tire doesn’t buy used tires, but they do try to ensure that old tires are disposed of properly.

They encourage customers to bring their old tires to a Discount Tire store, where (for a small fee) they will take them off your hands and make sure they are recycled safely. If your tires are in good condition though, they might be able to give you credit towards a purchase.

Is Discount Tire’s Warranty Transferable?

Discount Tire’s tire warranty is not transferable to any other vehicle, owner, or replacement tire installed after redeeming the warranty.

In fact, for any replacement tires, you would have to take out a new policy.

Can You Negotiate at Discount Tire?

Discount Tire offers to not only price-match all the tires and wheels they stock against other brands, but to beat it by offering a lower price. So while it isn’t much of a negotiation, if you see the same product for less elsewhere you should raise it with Discount Tire and there is a good chance they will reduce the price even further.

In terms of traditional negotiation, there aren’t any accounts online of it being successful, but it can’t hurt to try. There might be a promotion or vouchers available that you weren’t aware of that a sales clerk could apply to your purchase.

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Do You Need an Appointment for Discount Tire?

You don’t need an appointment to pop into your local Discount Tire, but having one could save you time.

You can schedule an appointment online through the Discount Tire website between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays.

What Does Discount Tire Do for Free?

For tires bought from Discount Tire, the free services include tire inspection, rotation, and balancing; puncture repair; and air pressure checks.

There are still freebies for tires that weren’t originally purchased from the company though, with free tire air pressure checks at any Discount Tire store.

Does Discount Tire Remove Nails for Free?

Discount Tire will remove nails and repair tires for free, provided that the nail punctured the tire in the tread area, rather than the sidewalls.

Another condition of repair is that the tires still meet its safety guidelines after a thorough inspection.

If not, they will recommend that you buy new tires.

Does Discount Tire Have Wi-Fi?

We were unable to find out whether Discount Tire has Wi-Fi, so we suggest contacting your nearest store to ask.

Do You Tip Discount Tire Guys?

Whether or not you tip the staff at Discount Tire is entirely up to you.

It isn’t expected, but if you are happy with the service and feel like they did a good job, then they will surely appreciate it!

Why Does Discount Tire Overinflate Tires?

Discount Tire staff may overinflate tires, particularly replacement tires, to match the vehicle’s desired handling as set out by the manufacturer.

There are two air pressure figures on a tire’s sidewall: a number for the “maximum pressure”, and another for “recommended air pressure”.

Car owners often choose different replacement tires than those that came with the car, and since these replacement tires will have different maximum and recommended pressures to the originals, they may need to be inflated above the “recommended air pressure” figure.

You should check the air pressure of your tires when they are cool, as the air inside the tires can expand when they are hot, causing the pressure to increase.

But if you are certain that they are overinflated, you should go back to your local store to get them double-checked, as driving around on overinflated tires can be unsafe. The staff at Discount Tire are experts in tires and wheels, so it is unlikely that this will happen each time you visit for an air pressure check.

Discount Tire – Final Thoughts

Discount Tire is an incredibly successful company that has been built from humble beginnings into the giant that it is today.

Reviews from satisfied customers have earned the company a 3.7-star rating on Consumer Affairs, with many of the positive reviews quoting the friendly customer service and capable staff.

With an online store as well as physical locations, and the huge inventory and expertise you would expect from a chain that specializes in wheels and tires, Discount Tire has it covered when it comes to getting your car rolling.

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