Ford Mustang Gas Mileage (Ultimate Guide)

The Ford Mustang is the most popular muscle car in the world, thanks to its iconic design, affordable price, and excellent handling.

However, if you are looking to buy one, you probably have a few questions about how much it costs to run.

In this article, we answer some of the most common questions that people have about the Ford Mustangs’ gas mileage.

Ford Mustang & Gas Mileage (Ultimate Guide)

Are Mustangs Good On Gas?

No, Mustangs cannot be considered to be good on gas, but they’re not as expensive to run as you might think.

If you’re looking for the car that’s cheapest to run, then a Ford Mustang probably isn’t for you. But you might be surprised to hear that on the whole, modern Mustangs have pretty average fuel consumption.

Of course, this depends on how you drive, and where you drive. For instance, on hilly terrain, a Mustang with a V8 engine is actually more economical than a less powerful vehicle as the V8 won’t be straining up the steep slopes.

So while they’re not great on gas, Mustangs are not necessarily terrible either!

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Which Mustang Has The Best MPG?

For the best MPG, opt for the 2019 Mustang EcoBoost. If you’re looking for the most economical Mustang then you should go for the automatic 2019 EcoBoost. This will get you a respectable 22 mpg with city driving, and a very decent 31 mpg out on the highway.

Interestingly, some of the classic Mustangs from the 70s and 80s also have similar ratings, so don’t be put off if you’re fancying a retro model.

Do Mustangs Need Premium Gas?

No, technically, your Mustang doesn’t need premium gas, it’ll drive just fine on regular 87-octane gas, and you won’t be causing any mechanical problems by skipping the premium gas if you want to save the cash.

However, you won’t have access to the full power of your auto if you don’t opt for the premium gas, so if you want to experience the advertised horsepower, treat your Mustang to that premium 93-octane gas.

Can Mustangs Take Regular Gas?

Yes, you can put regular gas in your Mustang. Some people will tell you that you must use premium gas in a Mustang, but that’s not due to the fact that premium gas will be problematic for your vehicle.

Using regular gas is absolutely fine, it will just reduce the output slightly, so you won’t be pulling the horsepower you would get if you topped up with premium gasoline.

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How Big Is A Mustang Gas Tank?

Most modern Mustang tanks range from 59L to 61L capacity. Of course, the exact size will depend on the model.

How Much Does It Cost To Fill Up A Mustang?

The average cost to fill up a Mustang is currently $52. Of course, gas stations differ in price, and prices change regularly, and they will also differ according to the model you drive. Our estimate here is based on the 2019 Mustang.

How Far Can A Mustang Drive On A Full Tank Of Gas?

You can get nearly 400 miles out of a full Mustang tank. Fill up the tank on your Ford Mustang and head out on the highway, and you should find yourself around 388 miles away from home before you run out of gas.

How Far Can A Mustang Go On Empty?

Perhaps 10 miles, but it’s definitely not recommended to drive any car when the gas dial says you’re running on empty, sludge gathers at the bottom of the tank, and when your engine sucks that up it can cause all sorts of problems, not to mention the fact that you might run out of gas and break down! But, your tank usually has a few liters of gas remaining after it declares itself empty, so theoretically that could get maybe another ten miles out of it in an emergency.

How To Increase The Gas Mileage Of A Mustang?

The Mustang doesn’t lend itself to being driven with fuel economy in mind, but if you’re trying to save cash on your gas there are a few things you can do.

  • Drive slower – Driving over 60mph uses more gas.
  • Get rid of the rubbish – A heavy car uses more gas so be sure you aren’t hauling a lot of junk in the trunk.
  • Don’t idle – Idling uses gas, so turn off the engine when you’re waiting around.
  • Check your tires – You’ll use more gas if your tires are under-inflated.
  • Use the right oil – using the wrong oil for your vehicle can actually result in greater gas consumption.
  • Check your air filter – A dirty air filter can also increase the amount of gas used. A clean filter could give you up to 10% better fuel economy.

Does A Mustang Waste A Lot Of Gas?

No Mustangs aren’t overly wasteful when it comes to gas. Pick your model carefully and you can have a Mustang that’s not astronomically expensive to run.

The EcoBoost models are particularly geared towards the economy. No one drives a Mustang to save themselves money, but don’t be put off by the tales of them costing a fortune to run, most modern Mustangs are pretty average when it comes to miles per gallon.

What Type Of Gas Is Best For A Mustang?

For a performance car like a Mustang, you need high octane gas to get the best out of it. If you want to push your Mustang to the max, then go for the best gas you can find such as 93 octanes.

Mustang V6 vs V8 gas mileage

The V8 uses more gas than the V6. With an extra two cylinders, the V8 engine will consume more fuel than the six-cylinder V6, so of course, if your Mustang has a V8 engine it’s going to use more gas.

That’s the payoff, you use more gas, but you get more power. Something you need to think about when you’re in the market for a Mustang, but the lure of that extra acceleration and the distinctive roar of the V8 sure lures you in!

Mustang EcoBoost vs V6 gas mileage

The EcoBoost uses less gas than the V6. The 4-cylinder EcoBoost is an interesting option for anyone who dreams of owning a Mustang but wants to keep running costs to a minimum. You’ll get around 22 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway, compared with 18/28 with the V6.

The EcoBoost, while a little slower from 0-60 (5.3 seconds compared to 6.3 with the V6), actually packs a surprisingly big punch with 310 brake horsepower.

Mustang vs Camaro vs Challenger Gas Mileage

The Challenger is the most economical, the Mustang is the least economical when it comes to gas usage. Let’s take a look at the mileage… So we’re talking muscle cars here, so none of them are going to be winning any awards for fuel economy, but which will get you further on a fill-up?

The most economical Mustang, the EcoBoost gets you 22 mpg in the city and around 31 on the highway, the Camaro comes in at a little less with 20/30 and the Challenger even lower at around 15/23, making the Mustang the least economical of the three cars, even when you opt for the EcoBoost.

Mustang vs Civic Gas Mileage

The Honda Civic is definitely better than the Mustang when it comes to fuel economy.

The Ford Mustang and the Honda Civic, while both great vehicles are very different.

If you’re after a car with low running costs, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that the Civic is the way to go. With careful driving on the highway, you can get up to 81 mpg in a Civic, and you should easily manage 45 mpg in general, making it much more economical than the Mustang with its average of around 25 mpg.

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