How Fast Are Mini Bikes? (Answered)

Mini bikes have been popular for kids, teenagers, and adults since the 1960s. Many of them are not street legal, but they can be ridden off-road.

If you are considering buying one, you’re probably wondering about their speed.

So, just how fast are mini bikes?

The smallest mini bikes (40-50cc) are designed with young children in mind, and they usually have maximum speeds of 25-50 miles per hour. However, the larger 200-300cc bikes are suitable for teenagers and adults. They are often able to go faster than 50 miles per hour, and some can even reach 100 mph. 

Read on to find out how fast different mini bikes are and how you can make your min bike even faster. 

Are Mini Bikes Faster than Electric?

As a whole, gas-powered mini bikes are faster than electric ones. This is because electric mini bikes run on a battery, which isn’t as powerful as a gas motor. What’s more, the battery has to be charged on a regular basis, so an electric bike might only run for 10-20 miles at a time. 

However, electric mini bikes are a relatively new invention, and the technology is improving fast. So, it’s likely that they will catch up to their gas counterparts at some point in the near future. 

How Fast Can a Coleman Mini Bike Go? 

There are two popular Coleman mini bikes, and both can go over 20 miles per hour. The larger CT200U gas-powered mini bike can reach speeds of 23 miles per hour, while the smaller CT100U can go 28 miles per hour on flat ground. 

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, the smaller bike goes faster because it makes use of a jack-shaft setup for its gearing. 

How Fast Can a 300cc Mini Bike Go?

A bike that has a cubic capacity of 300 can usually go around 100-115 miles per hour. Cubic capacity measures the volume of the bike’s engine chamber. The larger the chamber, the more fuel and air can be mixed together to produce power. 

Since 300cc is a lot of power, most motorcycles with this cubic capacity are no longer considered mini bikes. This type of bike is big enough to handle a motorway, so it is a good entry-level option for serious bikers who would eventually like to ride large bikes. 

How Fast Can a 100cc Mini Bike Go? 

A 100cc mini bike is small, and it can’t go as fast as its larger counterparts. A high-end version might be able to reach speeds of 45-65 miles per hour, depending on the weight and skill level of the rider and the type of terrain it is ridden on. 

Because it is a mid-range option, the 100cc mini bike is a great choice for young riders who are done with 40 or 50cc bikes. It allows teenagers and newer motorcyclists to get more experience before they move on to adult-sized bikes. 

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How Fast Can a 200cc Mini Bike Go? 

The 200cc mini bike is larger and often slightly faster than a 100cc one. On average, this type of bike can achieve a top speed of 55 miles per hour, but everything depends on the individual bike and the skill level of its rider. 

Most 200cc mini bikes have a four-stroke engine, which is durable and efficient. However, there are some options with a two-stroke engine, and these bikes can be even faster than 55 miles per hour. They are also harder to control, so parents buying their teenagers such a bike should proceed with caution.  

Some of the best 200cc options for young riders are the 2015 Kawasaki Rouser NS 200, the Rocketa RSL-200, or the Coleman CT – 200U mini trail bike. 

How Fast Can a 212cc Mini Bike Go? 

Some mini bikes have a cubic capacity of 212. They are similar to the 200cc bikes, but due to the individual specifications, some of the 212cc bikes might only go around 38-46 miles per hour. The top speed depends on the age of the bike and the type of gearing it has. There are also certain brands that create faster bikes than others. 

How Fast Can a 97cc Mini Bike Go? 

A popular bike is the Baja Doodle Bug Mini Bike 97cc. At a top speed of 19 miles per hour, this dirt bike is quite slow. Part of the reason why is that it has a four-stroke engine, so it isn’t as agile as some of the other options. 

How Fast Can a 50cc Mini Bike Go?

50cc mini bikes are very small because they are generally configured for children between the ages of five and seven. Despite this, some of them can reach speeds of 25-40 miles per hour. 

During a normal ride, it’s unlikely that this speed will be reached, and most children will drive between 10-20 miles per hour. To limit the speed, parents should tell young riders to stay in second gear. 

How Fast Can a 40cc Mini Bike Go? 

40cc mini bikes are some of the smallest dirt bikes available. The most efficient ones can go up to 30-50 miles per hour. The speed of these tiny bikes depends on the brand you buy and the types of controls you fit. 

While some of the popular brands offer bikes that go just 18-35 mph, others have higher speeds. If a young child is riding the bike, the speed can be adjusted to 4-5 mph at first, which gives the rider some time to get used to the bike before they drive fast. 

How Fast Is the Fastest Mini Bike? 

The world’s fastest dirt bike is the KTM 450 SX-F, which has 400cc and can achieve a speed of 123 miles per hour. When considering only mini bikes of 300cc and under, the fastest one currently available is the Husqvarna TX 300cc stroke, which can achieve speeds of 112 miles per hour. 

The second fastest mini bike is the Yamaha WR, which has a cubic capacity of 250 and a top speed of 88 miles per hour. 

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How Can You Make a Mini Bike Faster? 

There are several ways of making a mini bike faster: 

  1. When residue builds up inside the exhaust pipe and muffler, it can potentially slow the bike down. To get rid of this problem, remove these two components from the bike, shake them out, and clean them with a rug. Once you reinsert them, the bike should be faster. 
  2. Check that the bike contains 100% synthetic motorcycle oil. This is able to cool your bike more efficiently than standard oil. Therefore, it will make the mini bike safer and increase its performance. 
  3. Many mini bikes contain a revolution limiter, which is designed to limit the speed and increase the lifespan of the bike. This needs to be removed. If you’re not sure where this is located, you should check your motorcycle’s manual. 
  4. Check whether you could use higher-octane gasoline in your mini bike. The higher the octane content, the better the performance. 
  5. To increase the airflow in your bike, drill some small holes into the air intake box. This will support the steps taken above and allow the bike to achieve higher speeds safely. 
  6. Use V-notch spark plugs instead of stock spark plugs. V-notch ones will spark faster and therefore increase the speed. 
  7. Before you drive off, make sure you’ve reassembled your bike correctly and that all lines and hoses are clean.