How Long Do Acuras Last? (Explained)

Acura is the Japanese carmaker Honda’s luxury vehicle division and is well-known for their catalog of high-end, reliable vehicles.

If you’re considering purchasing an Acura, you might be wondering what kind of lifespan you can expect out of the brand.

So, how long do Acuras last?

On average, Acuras should last between 250,000 and 300,000 miles before major repairs are needed. This means that a properly maintained Acura should last 16 to 20 years, based on an average yearly mileage of 15,0000 miles.

Keep reading to find out how reliable Acuras are, how they compare to similar brands, and what you can do to make your Acura last longer.

How Long Do Acuras Last? (Explained)

How Many Miles Do Acuras Last?

Acuras can last anywhere from 250,000 to 300,000 miles with proper maintenance.

According to Acura owners, some of the brand’s vehicles can even last 400,000 miles or more in ideal conditions and with a responsible owner.

That said, neglecting routine maintenance can take miles off of its life, so always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the most miles possible.

How Many Years Will Acuras Last?

Based on an average annual mileage of 15,000 miles, Acuras usually last between 16 and 20 years with routine maintenance.

Getting regular oil changes, frequently checking tire pressure, and inspecting the brake system are all things you can do to make Acuras last longer.

Are Acuras Reliable Cars?

Acuras are a great example of reliable luxury vehicles.

According to Repair Pal, Acura is rated 4 out of 5 for reliability and is ranked 2nd out of 32 for dependability across all brands.

Consumer Reports consistently rank new Acura models above average for reliability.

Are Older Acuras Reliable?

Old Acuras score well in reliability ratings as long as they are adequately maintained.

According to one Acura forum, used Acuras can even be more reliable than newer models.

JD Power awarded Acura with a dependability award for their 2011 model vehicles.

That said, an old Acura that was poorly maintained is not reliable, so make sure to check out the service history before purchasing an old Acura.

What’s the Most Reliable Acura?

The 2018 RDX is the most reliable Acura.

According to U.S News and World Reports, this model scores a 4.5 out of 5 for reliability.

Consumer Reports rates it a 4 out of 5 for reliability overall.

JD Power awarded the 2018 RDX an 85/100 for reliability, which is considered “great.”

What’s the Least Reliable Acura?

The least reliable Acura is the 2017 MDX.

Consumer Reports rates the 2017 MDX a 2 out of 5 for reliability and cites in-car electronics and brake issues as major contributing factors to this score.

U.S. News and World Reports rated the vehicle a 2.5 out of 5 for reliability.

JD Power gave the 2017 MDX a 77/100 for dependability, which is considered average.

Do Acuras Last as Long as Toyotas?

When compared to Acuras, Toyotas last longer.

Both cars are rated a 4 out of 5 for reliability, according to Repair Pal.

That said, the same source ranks Acura #2 and Toyota #8 out of 32 for reliability across all brands.

Do Acuras Last as Long as Hondas?

Hondas should last longer than Acuras according to reliability ratings.

Repair Pal ranks Acura #2 and Honda #1 for reliability across 32 brands.

Consumer Reports placed Acura #23 and Honda #5 for best car brands across all vehicles, with reliability as a key factor in their decision.

What Is Considered High Mileage For an Acura?

Acuras are considered high mileage around 150,000 miles.

Although one Acura MDX was reported with 946,252 miles, Acuras are more likely to last around 250,000 to 300,000 miles before major repairs are needed

That said, without responsible maintenance, Acuras won’t last nearly this many miles.

It’s even more important to check an Acura’s service history before purchasing a high-mileage vehicle.

If the Acura has been properly maintained, it’s safe to purchase the vehicle with up to 200,000 miles on the odometer.

If major maintenance items are missing from the service history report, you should keep shopping for a better option.

Do Acuras Hold Their Value?

Acuras hold their value about as well as similar cars across all brands.

According to CarEdge, 2018 model Acuras are the best for holding their value.

They are worth 63.31% of their value with 75% of their life left.

2016 and 2017 model Acuras are also good choices with minimal depreciation, with the 2017 holding 57.54% of their value and 66.67% of their life left and the 2016 holding 48.20% of their value with 58.33% of their life left.

Are Acuras Expensive To Maintain?

Acuras cost less to maintain than other cars across all brands.

According to RepairPal, the average annual repair cost for Acuras is $501, compared to an average annual cost of $652 for all other brands

Acuras are also far less likely to need serious repairs yearly, with only 8% of repairs considered severe versus a 12% figure for serious repairs on all other brands.

How Long Do Acura Tires Last?

Acura tires should last around six years.

These tires have a treadwear indicator at 3/32 of an inch that tells owners when they need to be replaced.

According to Acura, replacements may be needed sooner if any visible damage to the tire or the wheel is present.

You should look for any bulges, inconsistencies, or foreign objects when inspecting your tires.

Acura advises you to complete frequent tire pressure checks and rotate tires once every 5,000 miles to get the most life out of your tires.

How Long Do Acura Batteries Last?

Acura batteries can last anywhere from three to five years on average.

One Acura owner even claimed their battery lasted over seven years before replacement was needed.

That said, weather conditions and vehicle handling can negatively impact battery life.

If you live in an area that is extremely hot, humid, or cold, it could reduce the lifespan of your battery.

The best way to make an Acura battery last longer is to frequently check for corrosion and loose cables.

If you suspect your battery needs replacement, contact an Acura dealer to test it.

How Long Do Acura Engines Last?

Acura engines can last 250,000 miles or more with a responsible owner.

For example, according to Reader’s Digest, the Acura RDX is one of the top 25 cars expected to last 250,000 miles or more.

That said, proper maintenance is crucial to a long engine lifespan.

Skipping oil changes and other routine maintenance items can take years off an Acura’s life, so be mindful of following your vehicle’s maintenance schedule.

How To Make An Acura Last Longer

The best way to make an Acura last longer is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for maintenance as closely as possible.

According to Acura, here are a few of the most crucial maintenance items that can help your vehicle stay on the road for as long as possible:

  • Replace engine oil, rotate tires, and change air filters every 5,000 miles
  • Change engine coolant every 10,000 miles
  • Inspect drive belts every 30,000 miles
  • Replace transmission and transfer fluid every 45,000 miles

Adopting a conservative driving style can also help to make Acuras last longer.

Avoid driving erratically and be gentle when you hit the brakes.

Being involved in an accident can negatively impact the life of an Acura, so driving defensively is also essential to a long life.

Final Thoughts – Acura Lifespan

Acuras should last up to 20 years or 300,000 miles with proper maintenance and care.

This luxury brand vehicle is known for its reliability, low repair costs, and long lifespan.

If you want to make your Acura last, make sure to perform routine maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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