How Long Do Volkswagens Last? (Explained)

Founded in 1937, Volkswagen is one of Germany’s iconic automakers.

Originally known for the compact and economical VW Beetle, the “People’s Wagon” today is a multinational with a diverse array of models.

But how long do Volkswagens last?

A new Volkswagen should last anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 miles depending on the model. That means that if you drive the average 15,000 miles an American drives per year, you should be able to drive for 7 to 13 years without major repairs.

Read on to see if Volkswagens are expensive to maintain, how reliable they are, and what years to avoid buying.

How Long Do Volkswagens Last? (Explained)

How Many Miles Do Volkswagens Last?

A Volkswagen should last you 100,000 to 200,000 miles if you take proper care of it.

There are even people who have Volkswagens with over 260,000 miles on them.

Volkswagens are German cars, made with world-class engineering.

They are built to run on the Autobahn, German highways without speed limits.

Their quality, handling, and speed is all top-notch.

But maintenance is important. Always check your oil, and change it regularly.

Make sure your brake and transmission fluid are at optimum levels.

Batteries should also be replaced at the first sign of corroding.

Take your car to the mechanic for periodic checkups to get the most miles out of it.

And of course, drive carefully.

Nothing shortens a car’s lifespan like an accident.

Are Volkswagens Reliable?

Volkswagens are rated on the mid-lower end of reliability for their class.

The most recent JD Power Dependability Study found that Volkswagen was 29th out of 33 major car brands in relation to reliability. rates Volkswagen in the middle of the pack on reliability, at 18th out of 29 brands.

And according to Repair Pal, the average Volkswagen driver spent $676 a year on repairs for their car- about the same as the average driver spending $652 a year.

However, there is great variability between different Volkswagen models.

Some are actually ranked at the top of their class for reliability!

What Are The Most Reliable Volkswagen Models?

According to JD Power, classic is king: the new Volkswagen Beetle is the top-ranked compact car for reliability.

What Are The Least Reliable Volkswagen Models?

The least reliable Volkswagen models, according to the Motor Digest, are the early to mid 2000s sedans. The following are models and years you want to avoid:

  • 2002 Passat
  • 2003 Jetta
  • 2006 Passat
  • 2006 Jetta

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Do Volkswagens Have Lots of Problems?

Volkswagens are a brand that have had a reputation for repair problems.

Volkswagen parts usually had to be imported from Mexico or Germany directly, and it was hard to find mechanics who would work on them.

Today, however, Volkswagen is a multinational with a supply chain spanning the globe.

Parts are easy to get in most places in the United States, and mechanics are easy to find as well.

In terms of cost, as previously mentioned, the average Volkswagen owner spends about $676 a year on repairs, which is about average for car models.

Do Volkswagens Break Down A Lot?

According to JD Power, Volkswagens experience 161 problems per 100 cars a year,

meaning that the owner will have an average of 1.61 problems in their car per year.

This is higher than the average of just over 121 per year.

Do Volkswagens Last As Long As Toyotas?

Toyotas do last longer than Volkswagens overall, routinely over 200,000 miles.

But some models of Volkswagen, such as the Beetle, will last just as long as a Toyota, given the proper maintenance.

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Do Volkswagens Last As Long As Hondas?

Again, the model and maintenance will determine how long a specific Volkswagen lasts.

But generally, a Honda will be able to reach 200,000 to 300,000 miles, especially if it is a model like the Honda Accord.

If you are buying a Volkswagen, pick a model that has a long life and be sure to maintain it properly!

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What Is Considered High Mileage For A Volkswagen?

For most models of Volkswagen cars, anything over 100,000 miles is considered high mileage.

You can get a good car at this range, but be careful to do a full inspection, see the car’s history, and don’t pay more than the Kelly Blue Book Value!

How Many Miles On A Jeep Is Considered Too Much?

How many miles is too much on a Jeep will vary greatly depending on how it has been maintained and on the year.

But generally, according to enthusiasts on, a well-maintained Jeep engine should last over 200,000 miles.

A poorly maintained on, however, may not last to 100,000. Make sure you investigate the jeep’s condition and mileage before you get it!

Do Volkswagens Hold Their Value?

According to Car Edge, Volkswagens hold their value about as well or a little better than other car brands.

You can expect a 25% depreciation after two years and a 50% after 6 years.

Remember, although cars are a depreciating asset, you can extend their life and keep their value by doing basic maintenance.

According to US News Cars, a 2014 Volkswagen Jetta, for example, will vary in selling price from $10,073 – $16,627 depending on condition.

That is a huge range you can’t afford to ignore!

Are Nissans Expensive To Maintain?

According to AutoGuide, Nissans less expensive to maintain than the average car, with the owner spending an average of $500 a year on them versus $652 for the average car.

How Long Do Volkswagen Tires Last?

Most Volkswagen dealerships rate their tires at about 50,000 miles, recommending replacement after that point.

However, with proper maintenance, you can extend this much further.

Remember to refill your tires every other time you stop to get gas, to get your wheels rotated every 5,000 miles, and keep your car aligned.

This will prevent unnecessary damage and uneven wear on your tires’ tread.

How Long Do Volkswagen Batteries Last?

Volkswagen battery lifespan will depend on what type of battery you have.

The following are different types of batteries for Volkswagens:

Diesel- Most diesel Volkswagen batteries will last 6 years, depending on the climate.

How Long Do Volkswagen Engines Last?

Volkswagen engines are designed to last anywhere from 100,000 to 200,000 miles, depending on model and maintenance.

How Long Do Volkswagen Transmissions Last?

Most modern transmissions, including Volkswagens’, are made to last at least 250,000 miles. Regular maintenance ensures this.

Get your transmission fluid periodically flushed, use the right kind of transmission fluid, and make sure your cooling system is properly taken care of.

Transmissions are expensive to replace, and keeping them maintained is crucial to making sure your Volkswagen stays on the road!

How To Make A Volkswagen Last Longer

The best way to make a Volkswagen last longer is proper care and maintenance. This includes:

  • Replacing your timing belt regularly
  • Checking oil, transmission, and break fluid
  • Filling up and checking your tires every other time you get gas
  • Checking and maintaining your batteries and lights
  • Taking your car in at least twice a year to get checked out by a mechanic

Volkswagen Life Expectancy

Volkswagens are a solid choice for anyone looking for a combination of style and superior handling at an affordable price.

The life expectancy on a Volkswagen may be slightly lower on average, but with the proper maintenance, is comparable to other makes.

See what your options are for a Volkswagen today!