How Long Does A Ford Taurus Last? (Explained)

The Ford Taurus has been around since 1986 and is one of the most popular vehicles offered by the Ford Motor Company.

But how long can you expect a Ford Taurus to last?

With regular oil changes and routine maintenance, a Ford Taurus can easily last or surpass 200,000 miles. As such, if you drive between 10,000 and 20,000 miles a year, there’s a good chance that your Taurus will last between 10 and 20 years.

Keep reading to learn how the Ford Taurus’s longevity compares to similar models in its class.

How Long Does A Ford Taurus Last

How Many Miles Do Ford Tauruses Last?

As a Taurus owner, you can look forward to it lasting at least 200,000 miles – possibly many more!

In researching data about the Ford Taurus for this article, we came across several instances of Taurus owners surpassing 200,000 miles with ease.

On TaurusClub, for example, more than one owner reached 300,000 miles, while another was closing in on 400,000!

After analyzing more than 13.8 million cars sold in 2018 to find out which models boast the highest percentage of cars that reached 200,000 miles, iSeeCars found that 1.6% of Taurus models sold in 2018 were able to reach 200,000 miles.

So as you can see, this vehicle certainly has the potential for long-lasting performance when you take care of it.

How Long Do Ford Tauruses Last Compared To Similar Car Models?

Ford’s Taurus took seventh place on iSee Cars’ rankings of Longest-Lasting Passenger Cars to Reach 200k Miles.

A total of 1.6% of Taurus models end up reaching 200,000 miles, while Honda’s Odyssey scored third place with 1.9%.

iSeeCars Longest-Lasting Passenger Cars
RankModel% of Cars Over 200k Miles
1Toyota Avalon2.5%
2Honda Odyssey2.5%
3Honda Accord1.9%
4Toyota Sienna1.8%
5Toyota Prius1.7%
6Chevy Impala1.7%
7Ford Taurus1.6%
8Toyota Camry1.4%
9Toyota Camry Hybrid1.2%
10Honda Civic1.2%
Average for All Passenger Cars0.6%

Taking the top spot was Toyota’s Avalon, with 2.5% of models sold in 2018 reaching 200,000 miles.

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Is The Ford Taurus Reliable?

According to J.D. Power, 2019 Ford Taurus vehicles earned a “Great” reliability rating of 83/100. Additionally, RepairPal scores the Taurus 4/5, placing it as an “Above Average” car. 

They state, “The average annual repair cost is $697, which means it has average ownership costs.

The severity and frequency of repairs are lower than other vehicles, so the Taurus is one of the more reliable vehicles on the road.”

Conversely, Taurus owners on forums are pretty unanimous in praising the vehicle for its reliability and long-lasting performance.

However, there are numerous complaints about the engine oil pan gasket leaking and causing the Taurus to smell like burning oil.

Car ModelReliability Score
Ford Taurus3/5
Mercury Milan3/5
Chevrolet Impala5/5
Buick LaCrosse4/5

As with all makes and models, some are simply better than others, and the same holds true for the Taurus.

To that point, let’s explore some of the various Ford Taurus models over the years to see how each one stacks up.

What Year Is The Most Reliable Ford Taurus?

As per Consumer Reports, 2015 is the latest year that they have Reliability data on.

As you can see, the Taurus has had a couple of great years, as well as a couple of subpar ones, with the most recent data reflecting an average Reliability Score.

Ford Taurus YearReliability Score

As such, the 2011 and 2014 Taurus models are highly dependable.

They have excellent Reliability ratings, whereas the 2008 and 2013 models should likely be avoided due to a poor drive system and bad body hardware.

These issues include troublesome engine cooling and problematic transmission, respectively.

Are Ford Tauruses Expensive To Maintain?

The Taurus has an average yearly maintenance cost of $697, which equates to average ownership costs.

However, the severity and frequency in which owners have to bring their Tauruses in for unscheduled maintenance and repairs are lower than other vehicles, making it one of the more reliable cars on the road.

Car ModelAvg maintenance cost
Ford Taurus$697
Mercury Milan$623
Chevrolet Impala$503
Buick LaCrosse$481

Mercury’s Milan has an average annual maintenance cost of $623, citing body hardware concerns and automatic transmission shifting issues. 

Chevy’s Impala has a lower yearly maintenance cost of $503.

Common repair problems are attributed to transmission pressure control solenoid failure and the ignition key getting stuck due to a failed shifter.

Finally, Buick’s LaCrosse has the lowest average annual maintenance cost at $481.

Its most commonly reported problems include the door lock mechanism getting stuck and noises developing in the upper steering shaft.

So while the Ford Taurus has the most expensive yearly maintenance costs, owners don’t have to take their vehicles in nearly as often as other makes and models, nor are the problems as severe as those found in similar vehicles.

Are Ford Taurus Parts Expensive To Replace?

The most commonly reported problem among Ford Taurus owners is a leaking engine oil pan gasket.

If this problem occurs, it could result in oil accumulating in the exhaust system, thereby causing the oil to burn and smell.

Fortunately, this is a relatively easy, albeit pricey, fix.

That said, over 250 Taurus owners have reported this as being an issue.

As such, there is a higher probability that you will run into this problem if you invest in a Ford Taurus.

PartAvg. Cost To Replace
Oil Pan Gasket Replacement$318 to $384
General Diagnosis (Misfire)$88 to $111
Check Engine Light Diagnosis & Testing (Engine stall)$88 to $111
Check Engine Light Diagnosis & Testing (Camshaft sensor magnet)$88 to $111

The second-most common issue among Taurus owners is the engine bucking while the vehicle is in motion, resulting in a misfire.

While more than 200 Taurus owners have reported this problem, it typically doesn’t occur until a high rate of speed has been reached. 

While the most likely culprit is a faulty camshaft synchronizer assembly, this doesn’t always show up as a fault code in the powertrain control module.

This condition can be diagnosed under the Ford service bulletin #05-22-12 (knock sensor data).

To correct this issue, you will need to have the synchronizer assembly replaced.

Two lesser-reported problems both involve Check Engine Light Diagnosis & Testing.

One relates to engine stalling concerns, while the other involves long crank times.

Both cost an average of $88 to $111 to resolve. 

For better or worse, all but the leading Ford Taurus problem are relatively inexpensive fixes, ensuring that you won’t have to break the bank on annual repairs.

Do Ford Tauruses Hold Their Value?

Below are the J.D. Power Consumer Ratings for the Ford Taurus, as well as similar passenger vehicles.

As you can see, the years 2017 and 2016 are absent, as data wasn’t available.

But for the remaining years, it’s clear that the Taurus ranks well among its competitors, with 2019 and 2013 tied at being its lowest-scoring years and 2010 being its best.

Production YearFord TaurusChevy CruzeChevy Malibu

Bottom line; you’re making a sound investment by going with the Ford Taurus.

Is it the best car ever made? Not quite, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy of your consideration.

Thanks to high marks in the reliability department, you can trust that your Taurus will stand the test of time with regular oil changes and routine maintenance. 

Outside of a potential leaking engine oil gasket, you aren’t likely to have any significant repair issues.

And that is definitely something to celebrate. 

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