Jeep Undercoating Cost Guide (With Examples)

Off-road terrain poses several obvious threats to the underside of a Jeep, which leads many Jeep owners to consider undercoating.

But just how much does Jeep undercoating cost?

Dealer-applied undercoating can cost between $200 and $1,200 depending on the treatment package and if you choose extra options, such as sound deadening. You can also have a third party provide undercoating services, which may range around $500 (on average) for a Jeep.

Keep reading to learn if undercoating your Jeep is worth it, some potential downsides, as well as

jeep undercoating cost

Why Undercoat Your Jeep?

Some people look at the Jeep’s paint to determine how clean and well-maintained it is. The underbody is just as important. It should be free of all damage and corrosion.

With professionally applied undercoating, it is possible to prevent damaging elements and moisture from getting into exposed areas beneath your Jeep. This keeps your vehicle protected.

The undercoating is a defensive layer applied to the undercarriage of your Jeep.

You can choose between soft oil undercoating or hard or rubberized coatings.

When Should You Invest in Jeep Undercoating?

The best time to apply undercoating to your Jeep is when it is new. At this point, no residue, corrosion, or debris has had the chance to impact the underside of your vehicle.

How Much Does Undercoating A Jeep Cost Professionally?

The cost of undercoating varies based on what you want. For simple rust protection, you can expect to pay a minimum of $150.

However, as the features of the application go up, so does the price.

For example, does your vehicle have rust and corrosion currently? Will this have to be removed before applying the undercoating? If so, the cost may increase from $500 to $2,500 depending on the amount of rust and corrosion present.

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How Much Does It Cost to Undercoat a Jeep Yourself?

You can spend hundreds of dollars or more on professionally applied undercoating for your Jeep. If you like to handle these jobs yourself, there is another option.

You can utilize a long-term, cheap method for undercoating your Jeep that looks good, and that can be done in a single afternoon for around $40 to $50.

The goal is to purchase quality paint rather than the bargain options available.

You also need a paint delivery nozzle to reach the cracks and crevices located in the undercarriage.

If your Jeep is not new, be sure to carefully clean the underside to remove as much dirt and debris as you can.

If needed, use a pressure washer for this process. Painting dirt will not protect your Jeep.

With DIY undercoating, the results may not be as long-lasting as with professionally applied options, but this method is effective if you have a limited budget to work with.

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What Are The Downsides To Undercoating A Jeep?

Unfortunately, there are potential downsides to applying undercoating to your Jeep.

These include:

  • Not helpful if corrosion and rust are already present
  • Non-dealer applied undercoating may void your Jeep’s warranty
  • Weight added to your Jeep will mean larger fuel consumption
  • Undercoating is not impervious to all damage
  • Must be reapplied every three to five years

What Are The Different Types Of Undercoating For A Jeep?

Let’s take a look at the two options you have for undercoating your jeep:

Hard Undercoating

If you apply a hard wax or rubberized wax undercoat after rust has already formed, moisture will get trapped under the surface.

This allows oxidation to continue.

Because of these issues, the wax or rubberized undercoating should only be used for rust-free vehicles. It is also necessary to ensure you can see the covered area to ensure it is applied properly. With these coatings, you must check the coating every few years to ensure no breaches have occurred.

When applied properly, the surface should stand up to damage and abrasion without damage or chips.

Soft Undercoating

Removing the rust before the application is challenging because rust goes deep into the metal surface.

If rust is present, it is too late for this type of undercoating.

However, oil materials can penetrate through the rust and down to the good metal, which displaces moisture and eliminates oxygen.

This means no oxidation can occur.

When applied properly, oil undercoating can move deep into the Jeep’s cavities, where rust is likely to start.

This helps to ensure that folds, seams, and spot-welded areas are all covered and protected.

Also, soft undercoating is self-healing, which means it does not chip if a rock hits it, ensuring the protective barrier remains in place.

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Where Can You Get A Jeep Undercoated?

You can have the dealership where you purchase your Jeep apply the undercoating. If your vehicle is still under warranty, this is a smart option since it will ensure you do not void this protection.

You can also have a third-party garage or company apply the undercoating.

Unfortunately, there are minimal standards for this practice, and the application may void any warranty on your Jeep.

You can also choose to apply the undercoating on your own. This option is reserved for those who have a lot of experience working on vehicles and understanding how the application process works.

Final Thoughts – Jeep Undercoating

When you think about protecting the investment you made in your Jeep, you likely imagine keeping it clean, using quality gas, and maintaining obvious parts and components.

However, the underside of a Jeep is usually exposed to a lot of wear and tear (especially if you’re planning on going offroad) Investing in undercoating for your Jeep protects this part of the vehicle, minimizes rust formation, and ensures it continues to perform at optimal levels for many years.

If you do not have experience applying an undercoating, hiring professionals is best.

They can ensure the desired outcome is achieved for your Jeep, regardless of age or model.  

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