Which Mercedes Models Have Run-flat Tires?

Run-flat tires (also called Extended Mobility tires) allow you to continue driving for up to 50 miles even when the tires have low pressure, such as in the event of a puncture.

Mercedes is one brand that offers run-flat tires on their vehicles. However, not all models come fitted with them.

In this article, we will look at all the classes of Mercedes Benz with extended mobility tires and the models where they can be found.

Which Mercedes Models Have Run-flat Tires? (Answered)

1. Mercedes Benz GLA Class

The GLA class is the smallest and most affordable SUV in the Mercedes lineup. It comes with two rows of comfortable seating, an advanced infotainment system, and excellent fuel economy.

This stylish vehicle also offers all-wheel drive, several popular tech features, and good ride quality. However, you may wish that it has a larger cargo area and a more luxurious cabin.

Run-flat tires are fitted on almost all models in the Mercedes Benz GLA class, including the GLA 250 SUV, GLA 250 4matic SUV, and AMG 35 SUV. Only the AMG 45 SUV does not come with this type of tire.

2. Mercedes Benz GLB Class

The boxy Mercedes GLB makes a great choice for those looking for a luxury SUV that is bigger than the GLA but smaller than the GLC class. It offers a spacious interior, welcoming seats, and a huge cargo hold that can accommodate a lot of stuff.

There is also an optional all-wheel drive, an easy-to-use infotainment system, and a lengthy list of convenience and safety features.

The Mercedes GLB has good fuel economy ratings and offers good ride quality, but you need to choose the top-spec models to enjoy some of the driver assists, and its optional third row is pretty snug.

Run-flat tires are included on all models in the Mercedes GLB class, such as the GLB 250 SUV, GLB 250 4matic SUV, and AMG GLB 35 SUV.

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3. Mercedes Benz GLC Class

The Mercedes GLC is a midsize luxury crossover with a posh interior and plenty of space for passengers. It also boasts two powerful engine options, a high-tech infotainment system, and an optional four-wheel drive.

And its fuel economy is up there with the best vehicles in the category. However, the GLC class has a high base price, and it could use more cargo space.

Run-flat tires are fitted on all models in the Mercedes GLC class, including GLC 300 SUV, GLC 300 4matic SUV, and AMG GLC 43 SUV.

4. Mercedes GLC Coupe

The GLC Couple is more stylish than the regular GLC, thanks to its pretty roofline. It offers a premium spacious interior with comfortable seats for up to four adults.

This family SUV also boasts fuel-efficient powertrains, all-wheel-drive, and an array of driver-aid features. However, you will have to pay a high base price and make do with a limited cargo area.

Run-flat tires are included on the two models in the GLC Coupe range, namely the GLC 300 4matic Coupe and AMG GLC 43 Coupe.

5. Mercedes A-Class Sedan

The Mercedes A-class is an excellent choice for those looking for an affordable luxury sedan. It boasts a surprisingly roomy interior with welcoming seats for five adult passengers.

This car also has powerful engine options, good gas mileage, and many popular driver-assist features. However, the A-Class Sedan has a small trunk and limited legroom at the rear seats.

Run-flat tires are fitted on the models in the Mercedes Benz A-Class lineup, including A 220 sedan and A 220 4matic sedan.

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6. Mercedes E-Class Sedan

The Mercedes E-Class is a luxury mid-size saloon. It has a beautiful cabin with a decent amount of space and comfortable seats for passengers.

The vehicle also boasts powerful engines, an optional all-wheel drive, and incredible gas mileage. You will also find plenty of driver-aid technologies on the E-Class sedan.

However, the vehicle has a limited cargo bay and is not as pleasant to drive as some of its rivals.

Run-flat tires can be seen on all Mercedes E-class vehicles, such as the E-class 350 sedan, E-Class 350 4matic sedan, E-class 450 4matic sedan, and AMG E-53.

7. Mercedes S-Class Sedan

The Mercedes S-class is one of the best-selling luxury sedans around.

It features a spacious and elegant interior, supportive seats, and several driver assistance systems.

This vehicle also offers an intuitive infotainment system and efficient powertrains that send power to all the wheels.

However, the Mercedes S-class has a high starting price, and its cargo area is relatively small.

Run-flat tires are included on all models in the Mercedes S-class, such as S 500 4matic, S 580 4matic sedan, Mercedes Maybach S 580 4matic, and Mercedes Maybach S 680 4matic.

8. Mercedes CLA Coupe

The CLA Coupe is an entry-level luxury sedan offered by Mercedes. Not only is it cheaper than its hatchback alternative, but it is also more attractive.

This four-door vehicle comes with a high-class interior, comfortable front seats, and a slew of clever technology features. But you may be a little disappointed by its undersized trunk and restrictive back seats.

Run-flat tires are available across all the Mercedes Benz A-Class Coupe, including CLA 250 coupe, CLA 250 4matic, AMG CLA 35 coupe, and AMG CLA 45 Coupe.

9. Mercedes C-Class Coupe

The Mercedes C-Class is a compact executive vehicle that was launched in 2015. Aside from its attractive looks, this two-door vehicle also draws attention with its beautiful interior, adult-friendly seats, and many intelligent tech features as standard equipment.

However, it has a small cargo room and a dated infotainment system that’s clumsy to use.

Run-flat tires are fitted on all models in the C-class coupe lineup, such as the C-300 coupe, C-300 4matic coupe, and AMG C 43 coupe.

10. Mercedes E-Class Coupe

The Mercedes E-Class Coupe has all the qualities you want in a premium luxury car. It is good-looking, spacious, well-built, and packs several cutting-edge tech features.

This vehicle comes with an upscale cabin, comfortable seats, and a bigger cargo space than many of its rivals. But it is a bit noisy on the road and costly to buy.

Run-flat tires are available on all models in the E-class coupe range, including the E 450 coupe, E 450 4matic coupe, and AMG E 53 coupe.

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11. Mercedes CLS-class

The CLS-class is an appealing midsize sedan that was added to the Mercedes family back in 2004. It comes with a stylish interior, with welcoming seats for up to five individuals.

This vehicle also boasts smooth and efficient engines, standard all-wheel drive, and an array of safety and convenience features.

But you may want to look away if you are big on practicality.

Run-flat tires are included on the only model in the CLS-Class, the CLS 450 4matic.

12. Mercedes C-class Cabriolet

The Mercedes C-class Cabriolet makes a well-rounded convertible for those who love to feel the elements during road trips.

Aside from its retractable soft-top, this vehicle also impresses with its beautifully crafted interior, comfortable seating for four adults, and a decent cargo bay.

Plus, it boasts high-horsepower engines, an optional all-wheel drive, and many standard tech features.

Run-flat tires are fitted on all models of the Mercedes C-Class Cabriolet, such as the C-300 cabriolet, C-300 4matic cabriolet, and AMG C 43 cabriolet.

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13. Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet

The Mercedes E-class Cabriolet is the convertible version of the largely impressive E-class sedan. It comes with a foldable soft top and a nice cabin with comfortable front and rear seats.

This luxurious-looking vehicle also features an efficient powertrain, an easy-to-use infotainment system, and plenty of cutting-edge technology to make the owner’s life easier.

Run-flat tires are available on the Mercedes E-class cabriolet, such as the E-450 Cabriolet, E- 450 4matic cabriolet, and AMG E 53 cabriolet.

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