14 Awesome Toyota RAV4 Tips & Tricks (From Owners)

If you’ve recently bought a RAV4 and are enjoying the honeymoon phase, you’re probably wondering if there are any features that would make your new purchase even better.

We asked RAV4 owners for their best tips and tricks, and here are the results.

However, please keep in mind that not all of these tips and tricks will work on every model.

1. Hidden Wiper Feature

When you switch off the engine’s power for 45 seconds, you can push up and hold the window wiper lever (the lever on the right-hand side of the steering wheel) as though doing a manual wipe with the wipers. This will result in both wipers rising to the center. This will enable you to lift them off the windshield easier, which will enable you to clean the windshield. It will also benefit your windshield wipers since the rubber on the wiper blades will go through less wear and tear since it won’t get frozen as easily.

Works on: 2020 RAV4 Hybrid XLE 

2. Remote Start

RAV4 Remote Start

If your RAV4 is equipped with remote start, you can use the key fob to start the engine from up to 80 feet away. This is great for warming up the car on a cold day or cooling it down on a hot day. To use the remote start feature, simply press the door lock button three times. The parking lights will turn on to let you know that the car is running. To turn off the car, press and hold the unlock button on your key fob for two seconds.

Works on: XLE, XLE Premium, Adventure, TRD Off-Road, Limited

4. Reversible Cargo Floor Deck

RAV4 reversable cargo floor

The deck board in the cargo area can be reversed so that you can either have a carpeted surface or a hard plastic surface. This is great if you’re carrying dirty or wet items (we’re looking at you, dogs) in your RAV4. There is also a handy place to stow the cargo cover if you don’t regularly use it (see video above for more details)

Works on: 2021 RAV4

5. Custom Automatic Locking/Unlocking Feature

How to set up automatic locking on your RAV4

You can set your doors to lock automatically when you reach a certain speed or when you shift from P to D or R. You can also have the doors unlock automatically when you pull the inner door handle. To customize the locking/unlocking of your doors, go to Menu > Setup > Settings > Vehicle > Vehicle Customization > Door Lock Settings.

Works on: 2021 RAV4

6. Advanced Climate Control

S-Flow mode overview

The Toyota RAV4 has S-Flow (smart flow), which is Toyota’s name for the improved function of the air conditioning. This mode lets you choose between conventional and S-flow operation, which essentially means you can use your vehicle’s A/C system to favor airflow to the front occupants rather than the rear. This not only saves money on gas but also allows you to cool yourself faster than if you had to wait for the entire car to cool down.

There is also a solar sensor that helps redirect airflow to the side of the vehicle that is hit by more sunlight, making climate control even more efficient.

Works on: 2021+ RAV4

7. lock The Car From The Lift Gate

You can lock the car from the lift gate. There’s a circular button to the right of the rectangular one that opens the liftgate. Press the circular button to lock the car; no need to go to one of your doors to lock it.

Works on: 2020 RAV4 Hybrid XLE 

8. Adjust The Height Of The Opened Trunk Doors

How to set the height of your power liftgate

When the trunk door opens, you can alter the exact height level. Simply click the button on the door when it reaches the desired height while raising it. Then hold that same button for 3 seconds until it beeps. This sets it to that specific height every time you pop up the trunk.

To completely reset, hold the button for 5 seconds. If you’re on the short side or simply want the trunk to close faster, this is a great little feature.

Works on: 2020+ RAV4

9. Assign The Seat Position To Each Individual Key Fob

When you have multiple drivers, each with their own key fob, you can assign the seat position to each individual key fob. This way, when you get in the car with your key fob, the seat will adjust to your preferred position.

To do this, get into the car with your key fob, adjust the seating position and assign it to Position1 or Position 2 (buttons on the door). Then simultaneously hold down the Position# button and either the “lock” or “unlock” button on the door until you hear a beep. A beep will confirm that the position has been saved and programmed to the key fob.

Works on: 2021 RAV4 XLE Premium, XSE, XSE Tech, Limited.

10. Keep all doors locked apart from the drivers

When you stop for fuel, if you put your RAV4 in Park and open the driver’s door before turning off the engine, all doors will remain locked apart from the driver’s door. You can then turn the engine off. This will help you feel more secure when filling up. 

11. Digital Rearview Mirror

RAV4 Digital Rearview Mirror Overview

The Toyota RAV4 is equipped with a standard digital rearview mirror, which gives the driver a clear view of what is behind the vehicle, even in low-light conditions or when the view is obstructed by something or someone in the rear seat.

Works on: 2020+ RAV4

12. Birds Eye View Camera

Toyota RAV4 Birds Eye View Feature

The RAV4 is equipped with a birds-eye view camera, which gives the driver a top-down view of the vehicle and its surroundings. This can be helpful when maneuvering in tight spaces or parking in difficult-to-see areas. This might not be a new feature since many other vehicles also have it, but it is helpful nonetheless. 

Works on: 2020+ RAV4

13. Pre-Collision System

Toyota Pre Collision System Overview

The Toyota RAV4 is also equipped with a pre-collision system, which uses sensors to detect when another vehicle is in front of the RAV4 and will automatically apply the brakes if a collision is imminent. This can help to avoid or mitigate the severity of a collision.

Works on: 2020+ RAV4

14. The Toyota App

Not a “hidden feature” per se, but still useful to know. The Toyota app is a smartphone application that allows you to control certain features of your car from your phone. With the app, you can do things like remotely start the engine, lock and unlock the doors, and find your car in a crowded parking lot.

The app also tracks any subscriptions you have related to the car, like Sirius, for example. The app also has “vehicle health” alerts to let you know when it’s time for maintenance. It is also the only place where you can check the pressure of your tires.

Works on: The Toyota app is compatible with select 2010 or newer vehicles.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found these RAV4 tips and tricks useful.

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