When Are Car Dealerships Open? (Ultimate Guide)

Many car dealerships are open almost every day of the year, but some take the weekend and certain federal holidays off. 

In this article, we answer 18 of the most common questions about when car dealerships are open.

Are Car Dealerships Open On Sunday?

Most car dealerships are closed on Sundays due to the Blue Laws that were established in the 18th century. The purpose of these laws was to keep businesses closed on weekends since Sundays were meant for rest and Bible study. 

While many of the laws have been repealed now, some states still ban car sales on Sundays. They are Illinois, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Mississippi, Maine, and New Jersey. 

If you live in one of those states, you won’t be able to buy a car on a Sunday, but if you are in another state, your local dealership might be open. Opening times are usually limited at the weekend, and dealerships frequently close early. 

Are Car Dealerships Open On Saturday? 

Most car dealerships are open on Saturday, although they might start later and close earlier than on a weekday. However, certain states do have restrictions. 

For example, you’re allowed to open your dealership on either Saturday or Sunday in Texas, but not on both days. Therefore, some dealers might choose to open on Sunday and keep their showroom closed on Saturdays. To make sure your dealership is open, you should give them a call or check on the website. 

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Are Car Dealerships Open On Labor Day?

Almost all car dealerships remain open on Labor Day. In fact, many experts agree that this is an excellent time to buy a car because there are often great deals available. 

One of the reasons for this is that Labor Day frequently coincides with the end of August. Dealers are usually more willing to accept a lower price for a car at the end of the month because they have to hit their sales quotas. Therefore, Labor Day is an excellent time to visit your dealership. 

Are Car Dealerships Open On Memorial Day? 

Car dealerships are generally open on Memorial Day, and this could be another good time to buy because there are sales and specials. However, many dealers only open their sales department on Memorial Day. If you need parts, repairs, or service, you might need to come back on a different day. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on New Year’s Eve?

Most car dealerships remain open on New Year’s Eve, but they might close earlier than usual. If you need a new car, you should definitely visit your dealer on December 31st. According to Ramit Sethi from I Will Teach You to Be Rich, you can save over 8% if you buy your car on this day. 

The reason is that New Year’s Eve is the final day for the salespeople to reach both their quarterly and annual goals. Therefore, they are more willing to give you a deal than at any other time during the year. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on New Year’s Day?

Car dealerships aren’t generally open on the first day of the new year. As mentioned above, New Year’s Eve is a great time to buy a new car, so you should go a day earlier if you can. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Thanksgiving Day?

Since Thanksgiving is considered a public holiday, almost all car dealerships are closed. This is especially true in states where working on Sundays is not allowed. 

However, all dealerships are open on the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to shop for a car because many dealers offer steep discounts on certain vehicles. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Christmas?

Whether a dealership is open or closed on Christmas depends on the area and the local laws. The majority of dealers will close their sales department on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but it’s likely that they are open on the 23rd and 26th of December. Therefore, you can go car shopping both before and after Christmas. 

Are Car Dealerships Open in Ramadan?

Car dealerships remain open for Ramadan. This Muslim holiday runs for an entire month, and it’s impossible to close a dealership for that long. In 2023, Ramadan will be from Wednesday, 22 March to Friday, 21 April. You can expect normal dealership hours during this time. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Good Friday?

Whether dealerships are open or closed on Good Friday varies. Most of them are likely to open, but with shorter hours than usual. You should check with the dealers you are looking to visit. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Easter Sunday?

Since most dealerships are closed on Sundays anyway, it’s unlikely that they will open on Easter Sunday. However, there are a few exceptions. If you live in a state where most stores are open during Easter, it might be worth checking your local dealership’s website. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Columbus Day?

Almost all car dealerships are open and operating as normal on Columbus Day because it’s not a major public holiday like Christmas or Easter. In fact, some states like Delaware and Florida don’t even observe it. If you live in a state that celebrates Columbus Day, such as Alabama, Arizona, Connecticut, and Georgia, dealerships might run special sales. 

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Are Car Dealerships Open on MLK Day?

Just like Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day is not considered a major holiday, so virtually every car dealership is open as normal. If you missed buying a car on New Year’s Eve, this could be a good time to visit the showroom because there are usually some deals available. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Veterans’ Day?

Car dealerships tend to stay open on Veterans’ Day, and they offer great discounts for veterans. Anyone who served in the military should check whether they can get a free car wash or a deal on a used or new car. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Presidents Day?

Car dealerships are usually open on Presidents Day, and they make use of the public holiday by providing shoppers with special offers. If you’re looking for a new car and you’ve got the day off, stopping by the local dealer could be a good idea. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Cinco de Mayo?

In areas with large Mexican-American populations, Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of Mexican heritage and culture. However, it’s not a federal holiday, so businesses like car dealerships are open as usual. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Valentine’s Day?

Just like Cinco de Mayo, Valentine’s Day is not an official holiday, and shops and car dealerships are open as usual. They might even offer some special deals to encourage shoppers to stop by. 

Are Car Dealerships Open on Bank Holidays?

“Bank holiday” is a British term for public holidays such as Christmas and Easter. In the US, we use the phrase “federal holiday” instead. Sometimes, dealerships are open on federal holidays, especially if there are no major celebrations going on. However, they might be closed on the big days like Christmas and Easter Sunday. 

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